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Doc Spartan®

Matoothian Tooth Powder

Matoothian Tooth Powder

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Behold the power of Matoothian Tooth Powder! It's time to ditch chemical-laden and industrial fluoride toothpaste for good. Our tooth powder is fluoride-free and chock full of minerals. 

Our all natural formula is designed to brighten up your smile, remineralize your teeth, destroy bad breath bacteria, and pull out toxins. Look, if it's strong enough to clean Sevan's dirty mouth - you know it will work on yours. 

No matter how much Paper St Coffee you're downing - Matoothian will whiten up coffee-stained teeth and banish bad breath. 

Matoothian Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Get a little water on your toothbrush.
  2. Dip your toothbrush in the Matoothian - don't go crazy, a little dab will do you.
  3. Set clock for 2:00 - conduct an AMBAP (as much brushing as possible)
  4. Swish, swirl, and spit
  5. Wink in the mirror at that good looking stone cold fox. 


Baking Soda: helps whiten and clean teeth, removes bacteria leading to bad breath

Egg Shell Powder: strengthen the enamel, makes teeth squeaky clean and eventually even helps your teeth fight cavities

Bentonite Clay is used as a mild abrasive for polishing teeth and shown to pull out toxins.

Activated Charcoal can help remove surface stains and yellowish plaque buildup from teeth. It's mildly abrasive and can absorb surface stains.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt enhances enamel remineralization, promotes healing processes, and kills bacteria.

*Peppermint flavor contains Peppermint Essential Oil 

Size:  Net weight - 2oz. Good for around 100-200 uses depending on daily frequency.


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