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Our mission is to help heal our local economy and help aid in the personal recovery of our employees.

Renee and I grew up in small towns and are raising our families in small towns. We believe we have a duty to make a change in our community and we can make that change through compassionate commerce.

We’ve been open since 2015 and have damn near made every mistake you can make when it comes to operating a small business. However, we got two things we got right:

  • Our products
  • Our people

Our town is ground zero in the Opioid crisis - the pill mill / pain clinic model was invented by a doctor down the street and I’ve seen firsthand the devastating effects it can have on people and a town.

While serving in Iraq we followed a principle called “Foreign Internal Defense”. We would train, develop, mentor, and fight alongside our allies ultimately so they can regain control of their country. It’s a heartbreaking and grueling mission but it does work.

In 2018 - we developed the principle of “Neighborhood Internal Defense”. We realized we weren’t doing anything to help combat the drug epidemic in our town so we partnered with a nonprofit addiction treatment center. Renee teaches Yoga and I teach CrossFit to clients in treatment. At these fitness classes we see firsthand the struggles people in recovery undergo.

Getting sober is only one step. People also need employment, mentorship, basic life skills training, and most importantly they need a safe and supportive environment. We didn’t know what to do - but we know we needed to do something.

That something was offering our first employee in recovery an opportunity so he didn’t have to go to the homeless shelter.

Two years later that guy has two jobs, a car, an apartment and most importantly his life back. Now, our entire staff is composed of people in recovery.

Have our hearts been broken? Yes, but our hearts have never been more full and our purpose has never been more clear. The growth of our company is directly tied to the personal growth of our employees and our town.

We know you have plenty of brands to choose from - but know this - your support changes lives.