Renee, a single mother of three and a member of PSKC Crossfit, had been making all-natural lotions and hand creams for the female members of PSKC.

One day, Dale, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom III & IV, owner of PSKC and co-founder of Team SAR, approached Renee about developing an all-natural first aid ointment for the folks at the gym to use.

In addition, he wanted to create a product that could help the athletes of Team Some Assembly Required (SAR), a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and expansion of competitive adaptive sports.

Why stop there? Dale thought that they should create an ointment that would also be rugged enough so that his old military buddies could use it for the everyday first aid needs you encounter in the field and on the range.

After some experimenting with the formula, the first Doc Spartan® prototype was made and shared with the members at PSKC. The feedback was beyond expectations.

Since that time that time the duo has grown significantly even grabbing an appearance on Season 8 of Shark Tank in 2017. The team landed a successful deal with Robert Herjavec, who later mentioned that Doc Spartan was one of the best deals he ever made in the history of the show.

The duo have also gone on to be featured in ESPN, Men's Journal, and various other outlets.

Renee and Dale's main mission, through Doc Spartan, is to help to their small town fight against poverty and addiction by engaging in compassionate commerce through the offering of handcrafted American made, all-natural products.

They proudly manufacture, label, and ship out their products from their hometown in Portsmouth, Ohio. Additionally, they have partnered with The Counseling Center to teach fitness to their clients. Upon graduation from the program, selected individuals in recovery are given training and employed at Doc Spartan.

Their work has been featured in the Boston Globe, New York Times, Fox & Friends, and NBC's Today Show