Comeback Chronicles: The Story of Doc Spartan

Our business was originally founded to help people heal their wounds with the natural ingredients we wanted for ourselves and our families.

We've grown from Renee making natural products in her kitchen for members of Dale's gym, to building a company that's made it all the way to theShark Tank, and beyond.

Doc Spartan HQ is located in Portsmouth, Ohio, where founders Dale and Renee were born and raised.

Portsmouth is ground zero in the Opioid crisis - the pill mill / pain clinic model was invented by a doctor down the street.

In Iraq, Dale's unit followed a principle called Foreign Internal Defense - training and mentoring local forces so they could ultimately take on responsibility for their own protection.

It’s a heartbreaking and grueling mission, but it does work.

In 2018, we developed the principle of Neighborhood Internal Defense to help combat the drug epidemic in our town on our own (we got tired of waiting on politician's promises).

At first, Renee taught yoga and Dale led CrossFit classes to clients in treatment at a non-profit addiction treatment center.

Meeting with people in recovery, Dale and Renee saw that getting sober was only one step. Employment and a safe and supportive environment are crucial to full, lasting recovery.

When the time came to hire their first employee, Dale and Renee doubled down on their commitment and hired a guy who was facing the daunting prospect of life in a homeless shelter after treatment.

Two years later that guy has two jobs, a car, an apartment and most importantly: his life back.

As we grow, we've continued to hire people on the comeback trail from addiction, and our team's character and work ethic is what keeps our company on the right track.

The growth of our company is directly tied to the personal growth of our employees and the town of Portsmouth.

We know you have plenty of brands to choose from, but know this: your choices make a difference.