Why the Willys?

Why the Willys?

The 46 Willys is our mascot because it was the first civilian model made after WWII. It went to war and returned home ready to work armed with the lessons learned from overseas. 
Not a fancy vehicle, just tough and fun as hell to drive.

That's us in a nutshell - tough, hard working and fun as hell. 
We are proud that we handmake our products with all natural ingredients along with labeling and shipping everything from our small town in Ohio. We set out to prove you can take the lessons you learned in the military and make it as a small business. 
We set out to prove you can build a business in small town America, because of YOU we are succeeding. 

2016 has been incredible. We started the year with only Renee and I. Renee was in her kitchen making all the combat ready ointment and hand writing the shipping labels. 

We started with 1 product - we know have over 10. 

We started with just Renee and I - we know 2 full time and 1 part time employee. 

We started in the kitchen and we now have 600 sq ft space and a retail store. 

All this in a year's time frame and all because of your support. We are going for it in 2017 because we are fueled by the best supporters in America. 

We are going to bust our ass and we are going to prove that a veteran owned company can make an impact in their small town economy.

Thank you for fueling our dreams and riding shotgun in the Willys with us. 

We can't promise we know where the road will take us, but we can promise it's going to be a fun ride.
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