The Arnold

The Arnold

Arnold Schwarzenegger

This weekend I saw these amazing athletes from Team Some Assembly Required at the Arnold Sports Festival.

They inspired me. I know they’ll inspire you.

It’s easy to see their motivation for all of us. How can you watch this and make any excuse not to train, to better yourself, to keep moving forward?

But there’s more. They remind all of us that fitness is our right.

We all have the right to be physically fit. Young, old, injured, healthy, rich, poor, it doesn’t matter. Regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, and everything else, we all share this human body. We may look different outwardly, but we are made of the same things.

So I’d challenge everyone in our fitness movement: what are YOU doing to ensure that EVERYONE can access a fitter and healthier life? What are you doing for six year-olds like Daniel, who I met last week through Make-A-Wish and became serious about training when he recovered from chemo? What are you doing for athletes like the ones in this video to make your gym accessible? What are you doing to open your arms to everyone?

Fitness is a right, and I hope you’re inspired by this video not only to better yourself, but to improve our fitness crusade, to be inclusive, to reach out and inspire.

For more info on Team Some Assembly Required:
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