One Block at a Time

One Block at a Time

The above photo depicts poverty in Ohio ranked by county. Doc Spartan is located in the 2nd poorest county (Scioto) in the state.

The military taught us that when dealing with an insurgency, you have to fight one block, one tribe at a time. To make change on a macro level, you have to take back the neighborhood first. 

That's the same philosophy we're using with Doc Spartan in our hometown of Portsmouth, Ohio. It's not about sexy tech start-ups with billion dollar IPOs. Builders, makers, creators - that's what it will take to make a change. Small businesses doing a small part to fix a bigger problem. 

Would it be easier and a better financial choice to move to a bigger city? Yes. But you can't pull up roots that are this strong and watered by the Ohio River.

We are trying to prove that a veteran owned company can make a difference at a neighborhood level by exporting our handmade products at a national and international scale.

The biggest force multiplier in business is BELIEF. Belief in yourself, your product, and your mission. If we can succeed by starting out of a gym and a kitchen we can show other people in our community how it's done.

There are other companies out there in the same category. But when you buy from us, you're choosing to knock a little rust off the rust belt. You're enabling jobs and a more importantly a belief in others. Thank you, we're just getting​ going and tapping into an unlimited supply of strength that is YOU, our supporter.

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