Next Greatest Generation

Next Greatest Generation

The other day I was grabbing coffee for the team, as I was leaving the coffee shop I was fortunate enough to meet a World War II veteran as he was leaving the adjacent VA. He was admiring my 46 Willys Jeep and he began to tell me war stories about ripping and running all over the Pacific in a Willys. The spark in his eyes was priceless. We chatted a little while, thanked each other for our service, and then he told me to “give her hell” as I left. My day was made…

The veterans of the World War II era were dubbed the “Greatest Generation” via Tom Brokaw’s best selling book. A few years back I listened to Tom Brokaw give a talk about the book. His main point was this group of men and women weren’t the greatest generation because they defeated the Axis powers but because of what they did when they came back. They went on to serve their communities as teachers, firemen, shop owners, factory workers. They built businesses and created empires.

Since 2001 only approximately .5% of the American population who have served in the War on Terror. 2.7 million veterans are now are being reintegrated back into society after having served in the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Rightfully so, a fair number of them are having difficulty finding a new purpose in life and many are struggling. However, some are turning to entrepreneurship to fill that void – the vetrepreneur.

To really love and appreciate this country – it helps to have fought for it, and it’s now our responsibility to follow the example of the fine men and women – guys like this one in depicted in this photo – who came home and wanted to continue to serve. Who wanted to make an impact and leave a legacy.

We wouldn’t have been able to launch our company had we not have been mentored by other veterans owned companies. We don’t have it all figured it out and we are learning as we go but we know we won’t be outworked and our we live to make the best products for the best customers on the planet. So we just wanted to offer assistance to any veteran out there who is looking to start or grow their own business. Just email with your questions and we will do what we can to help.

For the guys who have served; thank you – but your service has only just begun. It’s now our turn. ..

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