Love You Pop

Love You Pop

That stud in the photo is my pop, aka Big Lou. He is my hero. My dad grew up dirt poor in rural Ohio. Wanting to make something of himself he enlisted in the military and would go onto to serve a couple tours in Vietnam. Upon exiting the military, he worked out west for several years and eventually returned home to Ohio.

At around age 40 he started his own business from the basement of our home. He was working as a server at a local restaurant to pay the bills until he launched his own business. My mom likes to tell the story about how we bought $40 in stamps and sent letters out to local businesses and that was day 1. My pops spent the next 30 years building a successful insurance claims adjusting business that I was fortunate enough to watch and learn from growing up.

Veteran owned small business, it’s literally in our blood. 

A year ago this week, I hung up working for the Federal Government. I was a GS13 working in the security/counterintelligence world. I had the best job in my field at my location. When I spoke to my dad that I was thinking of quitting to run my gym and launch Doc Spartan full time, he advised me to be cautious and think it through. I then asked him, “Dad, if you could back 30 years and work for a big insurance company with a nice salary, retirement, and benefits. Would you do it?” He responded, “there’s no way in hell I could work for some dipshit.” That was all I needed to hear.

In honor of my dad and all the great dads like him we are doing 20% off everything in the store this weekend with code THANKSDAD. Get it ordered by Sunday and we will ship it out on Monday ensuring it gets there for Father’s Day.

We’ve even bundled up a Man-Care Hygiene Kit that includes Armpit Armor, Grenade Soap, Handheld Wound Device, and Man Scrub to make it easy for you guys to pick the perfect gift.

Lastly, we’ve enabled Facebook Messenger order updates. It’s a pretty cool feature that updates on the order/shipping status so you’ll know exactly when to expect your goods. Plus it’s a fast way to communicate directly with someone on our team.

Have a great weekend, stay safe and be sure to create some incredible memories along the way.

Co-Founder Doc Spartan

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