Doc Spartan®

Women's Holiday Bundle

$ 74.99

Women appreciate thoughtfulness - taking the time to buy something that means something. That's why we created this bundle - it's a little piece of our hometown - it means a lot to us and we hope it means so much more as a gift. 

The Women's Holiday Bundle includes:

Handmade Bracelet - this bracelet is symbolic of buying back our brothers & sisters who were once captive to ruthless chemicals. Each bracelet is handmade by a member on a staff who is in recovery. Recovery is often seen as something that a person must face alone, but we assure it's something much more powerful when it's collaborative.In this journey, we will save each other. Let this symbol represent our redemption of one another.

Perfume Roller - the scent is light and designed for the woman is who on a mission. 

Candle and Matches - the scent reminds us of Grandma baking Christmas cookies by a real Christmas tree. Plus the candle is by our friends at Eleventh Candle Company who share the mission as us. 

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